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Faith Sorenson, President

Faith Sorenson, President

Company President Faith Sorenson oversees the entire operation of Advantage Title: day-to-day activities, human resources, accounting, reporting, marketing, and much more. Faith has an Associate's Degree in Accounting and a Bachelor's Degree in Management from Eastern Illinois University. She held several accounting and system analyst positions with a major drug store chain over a 12-year period. She worked for nearly 10 years for a national newspaper publishing company in accounting management and was then promoted to Assistant Controller. She has 10+ years of experience in real estate related industries. She has been with Advantage Title since 2010 as Chief Operating Officer and became President in 2014.


I have two boys, Chase and Kyle. Derrin and I blended our families in 2016. It brings great joy, love, and laughter to our lives.


Add music to a tough workout and that’s all me


Boating, sunsets, and vacationing near the ocean, reading, and Derrin of course


Clothes, shoes, boots, bags; it’s an obsession whether it’s for me or someone else. It’s how I get my steps.


Like a gateway to my soul. I enjoy a good coffee.


Treating others the way you want to be treated! Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you about the destination.


 It energizes me, makes me genuinely smile, and want to dance!


Some say I can be annoyingly bubbly; take it or drink it.


What else can I say???

Jenni H. DeLong, Closing Manager

Jenni H. DeLong, Closing Manager

Jenni started in the Title Industry in 2001, as an Administrative Assistant. After learning the business, she realized she wanted to be a closing agent. Jenni joined Advantage Title in 2007 as a Title Closing Manager, where she oversees the closing and processing departments. She continues to close on real estate and commercial transactions as well. Jenni is graduate of Jefferson High School and has worked in the Cosmetology Industry as a Nail Technician.


I love a great beach vacation, especially in Mexico!


I enjoy hosting and being with my family and friends.


Spending time with the Kitties.


Cooking new recipes for my husband to try.

Darlena Wright, Closing and Communications Coordinator

Darlena Wright, Closing and Communications Coordinator

Darlena is also a new addition to the Advantage Title Team. She started in the processing department and has made her way to the closing side of the business. She is also our Communications Coordinator, where she is starting to work on relationships with lenders and agents out in the field. She is diving into our community involvement by joining the JA program. Darlena brings over 20 years of experience in Customer Service, from Restaurant Management, Marketing and Research Development for Hilton Grand Vacations Club, and banking. She is a graduate of Indiana State University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications/ and German, and a Master’s Degree in progress at Indiana Wesleyan.


Family is life, it is my life; my parents, my siblings, my husband and our children.


I want to travel the world; Europe more, and especially the Pacific Northwest.


Nothing is more calming to me than a blanket of fresh fallen snow—it’s my favorite!


A great music festival rejuvenates me. It’s my happy place, especially when it’s Phish.

Golden Rule

I strive to be the good in others’ lives. I treat people the way I want to be treated!


It makes the world go round.


To read…is to imagine, is to learn, is to teach. 


From cities to monuments to castles to the ancient ruins. It amazes me.


My favorite thing to watch, my son or professional.

Julissa Huizar, Closing Agent

Julissa Huizar, Closing Agent

Julissa works as a Closing Agent for Advantage Title. She previously worked as a Real Estate Agent and now enjoys applying her knowledge to the title, escrow, and closing side of Real Estate transactions. She brings a great amount of knowledge to the company and is able to accommodate our Spanish-speaking clients.


The center of my life: my husband, my two children, and my new grand baby.


It’s the quality not the quantity.


Makes my job worthwhile.


Hiking, biking, walking—whatever puts me outside.


I live to respect and embrace my culture, celebrating who I am with my family and friends. I love to learn about history and cultures around the world.


Whether it’s cooking or baking, I like to try new recipes and perfect the old ones.

Chase Woodrow, Closing Processor

Chase Woodrow, Closing Processor

Chase works closely and efficiently with the search and title team to process files, so our closers can bring buyers and sellers to the closing table. He collects and deciphers necessary documents to ensure proper handling of our clients’ needs. Chase is a graduate of McCutcheon High School and a current part-time student at Ivy Tech.


Currently working on a degree in Design Technology and fascinated by art, architecture, production—and all kinds of design elements and techniques.


Love to spend time at home with my family and our dog.


Only weird, niche, inaccessible garbage. Curmudgeon. Hate your favorite band and refuse to listen to anything produced after my sophomore year.

Martial Arts

I enjoy watching and sometimes participating in various forms of martial arts. Combat sports nerd.

Cathy Cobb, Closing Processor

Cathy Cobb, Closing Processor

Cathy also works closely with our search and title team to process files quickly and efficiently, so our closers can finalize property transactions. Cathy enjoys the hunt and the solving of issues that come up when properties have intricate dealings. Cathy has been with Advantage for 2 years now. Her previous employment included Office Manager for a retirement community in Florida and General Manager of a lodge in Utah. She’s originally a Jersey-girl!


I enjoy creating my own work, especially working with polymer clay making jewelry, clay covered tins and small birdhouses, and anything you can cover with clay. Painting, tie dye – anything from paper crafts to crochet – I want to try them all.


Specifically southwest Utah and Arizona. It offers such diversity and peacefulness that you can escape everyday stresses by just walking out your back door.

Friends & Family

 cherish every day I am able to share laughs, tears, good times and bad with each and every one whether near or far, old or new. We have such a diverse group it never gets boring – and they accept me for who I am – which, trust me, can be a challenge, especially for my husband.


We have three. Ralphie, our Norwegian Forest cat, is the oldest at 12 years; Rock is a Lab/Springer at 10; and Paizlee, a Maine Coon, at 2 years. 

Laurie Ruemler, Title Department Manager

Laurel Ruemler, Title Department Manager

Laurel (Laurie), is the Title Department manager, spending over 20 years at Advantage. Her knowledge of the industry is unsurpassable. She enjoys the complexity of the title search, the property history, and helping our clients with any issues that could arise in the process of acquiring Title Insurance. Laurie is a graduate of William Henry Harrison High School here in Lafayette, and she attended Indiana Business College and Purdue University.


Relaxes my mind, yet keeps me focused.


Brings out my creativity.


I can play two instruments and love to sing.


Local theater and area high schools.


They are my spirit animals.


Lights, music, food tradition, family; it’s the best holiday.

Tammy McMindes, Searcher

Tammy McMindes, Searcher

Tammy searches properties to find information such as deeds, mortgages, and judgements that help with the processing of our title insurance. She, at times, gets to examine and look at properties that are original in the county, sometimes deciphering documents that can be over 100 years old. Tammy is a graduate of Frontier HS, and she attended Purdue University. She had 25 years of experience in the banking industry before coming to Advantage.


One-of-a-kind daughter, two cats, and my hubby—they have my heart.


A calming activity for me; nourishing and growing my own veggies.


My husband and I’s newest adventure.


Comfort and homestyle foods; baking too.


The Smoky Mountains are where I find my moments of Zen.


Who doesn’t love a good mystery.

Erin Datzman, Title Assistant

Erin Datzman, Title Assistant

Erin examines and records closing documents in appropriate counties. She’s responsible for examining property types and searching for residential and commercial material for our Title Insurance Policies.  She balances remittance and disburses money to underwriters, as well as searching materials for Title Insurance Commitments. Before coming to Advantage, Erin had experience in the banking industry as a teller and in the mortgage department. Erin is a 1994 graduate of Benton Central High School, and she received an Associate’s Degree from Vincennes University.

State Parks

Love to see and appreciate all the natural beauty in the parks, especially ones here in Indiana-Spring Mill.


Getting in touch with nature; enjoying family time; bonfires; hiking.


Capturing the special moments that you remember forever.


Nothing gets my heart racing faster than a good challenge.


My children, our dog, my world.


Love to ride; my kids compete.

Lorena Bugarin, Title Assistant

Lorena Bugarin, Title Assistant

Lorena is new to the Advantage Title Team but is currently learning all aspects of Title Insurance, starting with the Purchase Agreement to the Closing. She’s another great asset to the Advantage team because of her work experience from her prior career as a Medical Insurance Claim processor and receptionist.  Lorena is one of our Spanish-speaking team members who is very experienced with translation. Lorena is a graduate of Twin Lakes High School, in Monticello, and has attended Ivy Tech Community College.


My family has been my life, and now I have added to my family with my husband Abraham, and we hope to make our own family.


City life is for me, every aspect; the lights, the smell, the beat.


Some of my best memories are here; my wedding, birthdays, concerts, family.


I love music and dancing.


My love is unconditional, if you earn it, you will always have it.


Reading, watching, mimicing, or buying what I can afford.

Rebecca Bills, Receptionist

Rebecca Bills, Receptionist

Becky has had the opportunity to work in multiple areas of the Title Business. Starting originally in the Search Department, she then moved over to Processing. As the Receptionist, Becky handles a multitude of responsibilities from face to face customer service, taking orders from clients, and starting the transaction process for us. Becky is a graduate of Jefferson HS, here in Lafayette.


The hunt, the find, the good buy.


Spending time on the water and in the sun.


“Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get.”


I love my pup.